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Thank you for purchasing your Quality Computer System from COMPUTERZ AND MORE LIMITED / PCFORU. We would like to point out to you some very important points that you need to know concerning the warranty on your new purchase.

This computer system has been assembled and setup in accordance with the specific requirements of the Microsoft Windows Operating System that is supplied.

Please DO NOT change, alter or modify any of the system settings, as these have been optimized to provide the best speed and response times for your Ram, Video and CPU settings by our technical department.

You may void your warranty if changes are made that cause a technician to work upon your computer to correct any problems; this includes any Bios, Device manager or Control Panel settings.

This computer is supplied by Computerz and More Limited / PCFORU as Y2K Compliant, however to ensure that this product remains fully compliant any Hardware or Software that is added to this System MUST be Y2K compliant to ensure total compliancy is maintained.

Please be aware that there are some conditions that are NOT covered by the 12 month Return to Base warranty for new computers or S/H warranty of 3 months.
These are:

A: Files, Software or any DATA downloaded from the Internet
B: Virus Infection from files, Software or DATA copied or transferred to your computer from any source.
C: Y2K Non compliancy Issues.
D: Training on any software or hardware product other than that offered at the time of Sale.
E: Problems caused by Software or Hardware added by a 3rd Party
F: Software supplied and Installed by other parties other than Computerz and More Limited / PCFORU.
G: If you remove the case, or cover, or remove any labels or stickers, your warranty may be void.
H: You should NOT endeavor to execute or run Format, System, Sysedit, Regedit or other such system commands without first consulting Computerz and More Limited / PCFORU, as changes to these system files may alter the performance of your system and may void your warranty.

Computerz and More Limited / PCFORU take NO responsibility for any Hardware or Software added or modified on to your system after our Initial setup and system load, delivery and Installation.

From time to time some software packages are discovered to have system bugs, this phenomenon is not the responsibility of Computerz and More Limited / PCFORU.

Computerz and More Limited / PCFORU endeavor to provide the latest versions of software were possible, and may decide to set up your computer in such a way as to not allow any known software or hardware bugs to adversely affect the operation of your new computer.

It is your responsibility to upgrade and maintain any software upgrades from the Internet that may improve current versions originally supplied with your computer, we are happy to advise you on this matter.

Many software titles have the ability to be upgraded on the Internet, this is MOST important when considering the Operating System and Antivirus software. Please feel free to contact us for advice.

Whilst these words of wisdom may seem lengthy you can be assured that Computerz and More Limited / PCFORU are committed to providing a Top Quality Product and Service with the very best Sales and Service support available.

If you do have any questions regarding the points raised and how they may effect or appear to restrict the use of your computer, Please feel free to contact our Sales Team or any of our Qualified Service Engineers to help clarify any points that you may have.

Once again Computerz and More Limited / PCFORU sincerely hope that you enjoy the new technology that we were proud to supply to you and encourage you to extract the maximum use and enjoyment from your new investment. Thank you once again for making Computerz and More your preferred supplier.
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